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Not Every Problem is a Nail and Not Every Solution a Hammer

There typically isn’t a silver bullet to solve all problems.  As the saying goes, if all you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail.  It’s important to approach every problem with an open mind so you can choose the best fit tool for the job.

“One of the consequences of centralised governance is the tendency to standardise on single technology platforms. Experience shows that this approach is constricting – not every problem is a nail and not every solution a hammer.  We prefer using the right tool for the job and while monolithic applications can take advantage of different languages to a certain extent, it isn’t that common.”

– Martin Fowler, “Microservices

Double Majors Are More Creative

More data backing thoughts on multidisciplinary learning and it’s application: Double Majors Are More Creative.

A new study from Vanderbilt University* reveals that double majors are more creative, and are better able to integrate knowledge across disciplines, than students who don’t double major. This finding is consistent with a solid finding in creativity research: That you have better and more original ideas when you combine different bodies of knowledge…

This finding is consistent with one of the most solid discoveries of creativity research: That surprising and original ideas are more likely when you combine material from very different areas. Creativity researchers refer to this as “distant combination” or “remote association,” and study after study shows it enhances creativity.