A Note on the Business of Responsibility

Team ResponsibilityI’ve always thought that when the business is asking you or your teams to do a lot, it is almost never a bad thing.  It means that people are interested and committed to what you are doing, and they are betting that you can deliver value for customers and ultimately the business.  However, with that comes great responsibility.

Our responsibility to the business is to deliver on our commitments.  Saying we have a lot to work on is one thing, but doing what we can to deliver on them is another.  If the impression others have is that we are not putting in the necessary effort to deliver on our  commitments, we’re doing something wrong.  How can people trust us with the business if they don’t feel we put in the necessary effort to consistently deliver on our commitments?  How can our customers?  Would you invest further in a team that operates in this fashion?

As product lines reach their maturity and begin decline, the company always has to be looking for the next new business to continue to exist.  If you’re lucky, your team is being looked to as that next possible business.  However, if they can’t commit to taking the necessary action to make that business a reality, the company will move on and there won’t be a team.

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