There’s a Recommendation For That

Lately I’ve been playing around quite a bit with GetGlue.  For those of you who aren’t  familiar with the application, one of the ways I’ve seen it explained is that it’s like Foursquare for entertainment.  The basic premise of the app is that it allows you to “checkin” to something, whether a movie, tv show, book, etc.  While I do find that aspect of the application interesting (along with the collectables aspect), one other area that’s interesting is in the potential to discover a variety of items through it’s suggestions feature (also widely known as recommendations).

Typically a feature like this works by having a set of objects that are recommended for a particular object.  As an example, you might have a set of movies recommended for a particular movie.  The associations are usually made through some algorithm, whether via collaborative filtering, metadata association, or some other method.  Since the associations in their most basic form are object to object, it makes sense that we would start seeing recommendations for other items besides books on a major website.

You can imagine the possibilities for recommendations are endless, though it seems that they’re most useful for low personal investment, higher volume items (like music).  Typically an automated recommendations feature isn’t as valuable for high personal investment, lower volume items (like cars).  I’m much more willing to try a music recommendation where my investment is 4 minutes and $1.29, as compared to a car recommendation when my investment might be 4 years and $20,000.

Do you have any recommendations for other items this feature might be valuable for?

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