Hello World!

Welcome to my site and to my first blog post.

From the early beginnings of the personal computer and game consoles (the Atari pong console), my first passion has always been technology.  Along the way, I got an early taste of journalism and developed a fondness for writing.  I am hoping that this blog can be a combination of those two.

Since then I have worked in technology for around 15 years, from helping to secure connected devices to enabling web service powered entertainment guidance solutions.  I am passionate about creating useful products that affect the lives of millions of people worldwide, and I love the work.

I also love sports.  I’ve found that the concepts there apply to the world of business and the building of teams that deliver results.  I also love competition.  The main sports I follow are American football, basketball, boxing, mixed martial arts, golf, soccer, and baseball.

Lastly, I love reading.  Over the years, I’ve read thousands upon thousands of articles.  I read from numerous sources online and in print, as well as a quite a few books related to my passions.

In the future, I’ll periodically post thoughts about topics mainly related to technology, business, and sports.  I’ll use my Tumblr page for shorter posts when I’m on the run.  How frequent for both remains to be seen, though you can also subscribe to my Twitter account for shorter, typically more frequent updates and links.

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